"I joined Grandmaster Cho’s Hap Ki Do class because, at age 47, I knew I needed to do some exercise. The variety of exercises, movements, and techniques he taught really gave me a great workout without the monotony of a gym. As I progressed, my coordination improved, my weight went down, I slept better, and felt energetic every day. And I never got sick! Three years later, in the year I turned 50, I got my black belt – what a great present to myself! And I have Grandmaster Cho to thank for spurring me on. Komap-samnida!"


"A great gym and a great master. I have trained at several other gyms, and nothing is of the same level of training as this one. Grandmaster Cho has the ability to make his class push you to your limit, without over doing it." - Larry, Student


"I have been a student for approximately 4 years. It has been a fun and interesting experience. I continuously learn new techniques, while improving the ones that were taught to me previously. I have learned to do things that I never thought I would be able to accomplish. The instructors are excellent and the facilities are ideal. I would recommend this school to anybody, regardless of age, skill or experience. Everybody has something to gain from receiving training in the martial arts from Grandmaster Cho."


"Grandmaster Cho's school is amazing, I attended for a few years and learned so much and made great friends. It was great exercise and allowed for plenty of opportunity to join competitions and tournaments. The sense of discipline mixed with the fun of the activity was addicting, and I ended up practising in multiple disciplines, multiple times a week. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to start practising martial arts. Good work guys."


"I have had a great experience at Grandmaster Cho's school! He constantly teaches and pushes you to your limit build on your techniques and improve the condition of your body. Instructors and the students there are great people to be around. They are very friendly and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Grandmaster Cho's school to anyone!"